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Man Guarding

Man Guarding

Our Man Guarding service is provided by a team of highly trained and equipped security personnel. They are responsible for protecting buildings, grounds, and the people inside them. They can be in uniform or plain clothes and their main objective is to ensure the safety and security of the facility by enforcing rules and regulations. They are also available for VIP protection and the escort of material and personnel.

Their duties include enforcing rules and regulations, directing traffic, maintaining peace and order, and assisting those in need of help. They are familiar with all special and general orders and ensure that they are followed. They also supervise and enforce systems for identifying personnel and vehicles, conduct package inspections, and stop unauthorized individuals from entering or leaving the facility.

Periodic inspections are conducted to ensure the overall security and safety of the facility. They act on behalf of management to maintain order and report any incidents that disrupt it. They also report any employees who violate policies or engage in loitering, and all accidents involving employees. They keep track of lost or unclaimed property and report any stolen items to the supervisor. They also report any unusual occurrences to their supervisors.